New and Exciting Things!

This is a personal post rather than whatever else it is I usually post here. I have an extraordinary opportunity in front of me, and I’m going to use this blog to examine it from a few angles.

Writing is only one of my talents; I’ve been performing since I was a small child in local shows. I act, sing, dance, and, as of last year, set myself on fire. I love telling stories in all ways, whether I’m seen as a contributor or not. I just want to be part of it.

A couple of weeks ago, there was an open audition for an upcoming film in my area. Since the filming will take place just outside town (it’s a historical piece), they want local actors, dancers, extras, etc., to fill in the background for whomever they cast in the lead roles. I went down and auditioned and got an immediate callback. I don’t know when that callback will be, but I have reasons to believe that I’ll actually get the second audition.

The event was hosted by a locally-based talent agency with international connections, so I decided to get more info on their services. I was able to attend a Master’s Class this past weekend with some lovely (and important) ladies, at which I learned a lot of useful stuff for this acting gig. This afternoon, I met with the owner of the agency and her right-hand woman. They both raved about my audition and my performance at the class, and they want me to sign on and do stuff with them. I walked out of there with a script for an upcoming film audition.

The big thing is: how do I take the next step? I know what that step is: the agency (Anderson) wants me to be one of 25 people they take to an exclusive Expo in Dallas to audition in front of major industry professionals. As in, I literally walked in off the street, and they want to show me off to Big Wigs from around the country. Exciting, nes pas? So how do I do this?

The Expo is a week-long event of auditions, seminars, networking, one-on-ones, and competition. As such, it is expensive. I would also need to pay for my own transportation, lodging, meals, outfits, and miscellanea. Anderson is throwing in a couple months’ worth of preparatory classes so that I don’t trip on my own feet at the Expo, but the total bill is over $3,000. I’d need the first $500 by Saturday, 24 August 2013, to reserve my spot.

Nothing is too big for God, and nothing catches Him by surprise. I trust that He has it all in hand. I want to make sure that I’m in position to receive what He provides and that I’m not inhibiting the flow (either deliberately or inadvertently). How does He want to pay for this?

I’m ready to do my part. I can work odd jobs, swap labor for services, whatever. One thing I’ve learned these past few years is that there’s a difference between a good thing and the right thing. Sure, I could go get a full-time job somewhere and earn the money to pay for this. I am more than willing to do so. But the more I do, the less I allow God to do. My life, quite frankly, is His show. I want Him to get all the glory for “my” success.

I would appreciate prayers from everyone. I will be looking for His hand, looking for what He wants me to do in order to make this happen. There will probably be fundraisers in the near future. Whatever happens, I rest in His love for me.




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  1. Patrick King
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 21:00:15

    Step out boldly. He will bless what He will bless; we walk down the road and do not stop walking…


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