“Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.” ~Charles Stanley

Modern society does not like to wait. We want instant food, instant entertainment, instant results, instant gratification. Everything must be at our fingertips, or it’s too much effort.

Yet we cannot deny that the best things take time to accomplish. Rushing ruins more than it adds convenience. Food takes time to prepare and cook and eat. Digestion takes time. A magic trick takes time to set up. Relationships take time to build.

Perhaps we fear the loss of time. We know that we don’t have an infinite amount of time to live here on Earth, so we try to pack as much into our allotment as possible. We fear losing what little we have, knowing that the end marches ever closer.

Fear comes in two forms: situational and pervasive. Situational fear is good: it keeps us from doing harmful things and then passes. Pervasive fear is bad: it creates anxiety, stress, and all the health problems associated with those conditions. Not to mention that pervasive fear makes us stupid.

Fearful people tend to rationalize. They use logic, both flawed and correct, based on faulty premises to arrive at ridiculous conclusions. We’ve all seen headlines about the stupid-funny and stupid-awful things people have done because they were afraid of something. Fear makes us desperate, and desperation takes more than it gives.

When we let go of fear, we must replace it with something greater. In what shall you place your faith? Choose with care, for where you place your faith will define who you become. That change, naturally, will take time to accomplish, but it will happen.

Do you value yourself enough to await the outcome of faith? Will you let time pass, as it surely will, or will you force your timetable? If you cook half-thawed food, it will dry out and likely burn, making it inedible. Let the processes happen as they must, trusting the One who made the instructions, and you will feast well.


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