Speak Life

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ~Louise Hay

So you’ve made a point of speaking life into others. How often do you speak life into yourself? How often do you praise yourself?

Self-encouragement has two major and opposite interpretations in our society. One is the self-help crowd that idolizes self-image and -esteem. “Talk yourself healthy” and other like mantras purport to alter even physiological conditions. The other upholds humility and decries pride as a sin.

Both have cons and pros.

We should not be proud or arrogant, and we should not devalue what God has called priceless. The balance can be a terrible burden to finagle. To shore up one side leaves the other unsupported, which leads to frantic compensation and a precarious position on the first side: a never-ending cycle. How to find the true center becomes a fruitless search.

Until, that is, we go back to the origin of valuation. The source of balance and proper understanding of humility. God.

What value does God place on our life? On you? Who does God say that you are?

What are your “but for God” roads? But for God, you would be there or there, but not here. What have you been saved from? Saved to?

The more you understand how God sees and values you, the more you will love and appreciate yourself. The more you rise from the quagmire of worldly views, the more clearly you will see God, see His value, and find true humility.

Humility does not lead to self-loathing or deprecation. Self-appreciation does not necessitate arrogance. What God requires from us, He gives the ability to do. When God speaks so highly of us, we who listen can then repeat what He says and be glad.

Do you appreciate yourself?


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