Bring on the Rain

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~Rumi

Speak life to all you meet. Isn’t that a marvelous creed to live by? Yet at times, it’s very difficult to do. Sometimes, we’re heavy with the thing we want to say; sometimes, we’re pulled by the winds of life; sometimes, the soil of others’ hearts is so hard that our words wash away without sinking in.

When we have something good to give others, we desperately want to ensure they receive that good. We present it and represent it as often as possible to ensure the other person knows about it and chooses it. Yet not everyone will receive good things, no matter how well we show them off. What then?

A great temptation is to renew the attack, to increase volume and effort in order to gain attention. Our tone changes from “Isn’t this wonderful?” to “If you don’t like this, you’re horrible!” Our eagerness changes the expression of our message, making something marvelous into someone terrible.

Particularly where drought has long reigned, raining good things can have little initial effect. The ground hardened not only on the surface but far down. The cracks which hint at easy access to the deeper places become channels for sweeping away all that is said and done. The key to reviving and dry and dusty place is gentle persistence.

Long, soaking rains eventually penetrate where outbursting downpours strip away needed substance. Deafening calls dampen the ears to both danger and delight. Flashing blasts blind all to everything, including that which may restore. Life comes gently and slowly and only after sweet rain.


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