High Standards

Thought for the day: I will hold myself to a standard of GRACE, not perfection.

The Bible instructs us to “be holy, because [God] is holy.” The enemy twists this command to accuse us, telling us that because we mess up, slip, and fall short of this command, that we are worthless failures and should give up.

Lies. Call them out.

God does indeed call us to holiness, and He is more than aware that we cannot reach that goal. Why else would He send Christ to die? If we could measure up, there would be no need for Christ, and God would not have sent Him. If we could do this on our own, the enemy would have no grounds for accusation, and thus would not try it.

But we do need God’s help to meet this goal, this command, and that is where grace comes in. We aren’t perfect, and we need grace to even think about reaching for perfection. God gives us that grace without qualm or hesitation.

Grace is undeserved merit and favor, but that isn’t the limit of it. Grace is empowerment, from God to us, to do the things He’s called us to do. Grace lifts us when we fall, encourages us when we weep, fills us when we lie empty and forlorn. Grace is the fuel we require to walk with God, and He provides it at no cost to us.

The standard of grace acknowledges that we are insufficient on our own and covers that lack. The standard of grace recognizes that we will make mistakes, sometimes enormous ones. The standard of grace lifts the burden of perfection from us and puts it on the only One Who can actually bear it.

As Paul noted, grace does not absolve us from trying; it does not permit abuse to itself. Grace whispers that if we truly want to rise above, to claim all the gifts God promises, that it will enable us to take hold of all that and more. Grace, like the One Who gives it, is no fool and suffers no fools. If a person will not drive a car, or will drive in order to wreck the car, then why should that person receive free gas?

Ah, but grace is abundant and self-renewing, free-flowing and sweet to those who want more than mere existence. Holiness is rejoicing and thankfulness and enjoyment, and grace is the confetti tossed over the party. Grace makes perfection attainable; walk in grace to reach the perfect presence of Father.


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