Does Your Past Determine Your Future?

I’ve been hard at work on Descendants of Ancients: Volume 2 for several months now, and getting my main character to reconcile with her past and move on is a major theme. Bad stuff happened, but she’s got to make the choice to let it rule her or to overcome it. I hope that you can see how this correlates to our own lives out here in Reality Land.

Today, I came across this video. Take a moment to watch it; it’s really cute and not long.

The phrase that stood out to me was “He’ll never be able to survive on his own at this point,  because of the way he was raised.” Wow; that is so true of us, as well.

How were you raised? How did the experiences in your formative years shape you? Do you feel like you can’t survive in new or different circumstances because of “the way you were raised”?


We’re all raised in this world, in the crime and slime and selfishness and unfairness that has become our reality. We were raised to be something that we aren’t. We’ve adapted to our environment. But does that necessarily mean that we can’t unlearn or become what we are actually meant to be?

For little Rocky, overcoming the early conditioning may not be possible. I would argue that we can overcome our conditioning. Not that it isn’t hard, not that we won’t want to quit at some point. Conditioning of any sort is hard to set aside and undo. But I say that it is entirely possible.

Now the question arises: Why would we want to change? We know how to live in the world we live in. Rocky the Squirrel lives in a house, not in a tree. Why would he want to change? Ok, it’s not a perfect analogy, but bear with me. Rocky might not want to change, but we should want to change.

This world is not our home. We don’t belong here, and we won’t stay here forever. Our forever home is a lot different than this one. Since we’ll spend a lot longer there than we will here, it behooves us to learn how to live there before we arrive. Think about your favorite action story. The main character (MC) has to fight through this and that to get to the goal, and often doesn’t know the fight is coming. If the character had been prepared, had cultivated a mindset that life could one day be different, how would s/he have fared differently?


I recently watched the movie adaptation of “The Hunger Games.” Everyone in that world knew to be ready for the games, for a fight to the death. But some were more ready than others. Some gave up before they started. Some focused exclusively on winning to the exclusion of common sense. And some made staying alive their goal.

Throughout the contest, the overlords changed the rules, raised or lowered the stakes, offered distracting gifts, and otherwise made it harder for anyone to come out alive. The contestants able to adapt and change with the rules fared the best. And the ones who refused to play the game given to them are the ones who triumphed.

We have this choice: to remain in the conditioning forced on us by an imperfect system or to seek out who we are truly meant to be. We are not meant to merely survive in this world; we are made to thrive. “Take what you can, when you can” is the rule of this life, but it’s not that great a rule. It reduces us to poor animals who can’t ever reclaim what was taken from them.

Fortunately, God gives us a way to overcome. He’s made a way for us to climb out and change. We can become brand new, no longer confused and chained to a reality that was never meant to be ours. Feel free to ask how. 🙂


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  1. mjkj
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 13:12:20

    [quote]This world is not our home. We don’t belong here, and we won’t stay here forever. Our forever home is a lot different than this one.[/quote]
    Well, that is not entirely true. Our home will be this world – but a glorified and changed version of it. 🙂


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