I love having friends, pt 2

Part of the reason I’m not putting thoughtful posts up here …. I Tweet too much.


ladyaaron: Next on the agenda: Write. Nano-style. If the first draft sucks, it’s just gonna have to suck. That’s why revisions were invented.

sharontherose: @ladyaaron *applauds*

ladyaaron: @sharontherose Thank you, thank you. 🙂

sharontherose: @ladyaaron I am so proud of and happy for you! ^_^

ladyaaron: @sharontherose Thank you! I’m getting there. I just have to get off my butt and ignore Mario.

sharontherose: @ladyaaron Mario the man-ho. Always playing games with your heart.

ladyaaron: @sharontherose And my mind.

sharontherose: @ladyaaron Dude, he’s not even into you. Everyone knows his princess is in another castle. He just likes to get his game on and stomp around.

ladyaaron: @sharontherose *cries* you’re right! 😦 I feel so USED!

sharontherose: @ladyaaron *hugs* there, there, dear. We’ve all been played by his power games. But we’re stronger than that.

ladyaaron: @sharontherose I simply must move on from him!

sharontherose: @ladyaaron You can build your OWN darn castle. He’s not the boss of you!

ladyaaron: @sharontherose I SHOULD build my own castle. Without the pipes and stuff.

LLStories: @ladyaaron @sharontherose – But WITH lava in the basement, right?

ladyaaron: @LLStories @sharontherose Absolutely. I can’t resist a hot bath.

sharontherose: @ladyaaron @llstories Why, you’re right. It’s hammer time! *muzak*

LLStories: @sharontherose @ladyaaron – I don’t know that I’d start lobbing hammers all over your shiny new Mario-free castle.

ladyaaron: @LLStories @sharontherose That’s okay. The hammers amazingly enough only kill ghosts and bad guys. They never hurt the scenery.

sharontherose: @ladyaaron @llstories or ding the floors. I love hardwood, but it shows the wear so quickly! Specialized hammers are a must.

ladyaaron: @sharontherose @LLstories I know a company in Japan that manufactures such specialty hammers…

sharontherose: @ladyaaron @llstories do they come with a return function? If I’m in the middle of #amwriting, I’d hate to have to stop & pick up the hammer

ladyaaron: @sharontherose No, but the same company makes these killer boomerangs. Like the hammers, they do considerable damage to Mario.

sharontherose: @ladyaaron @llstories Sweet! Well, have a couple on hand, and thus be prepared for that blackhearted plumber. Otherwise, forget him!

ladyaaron: @sharontherose I am. He’s not going to get the best of me this time!


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  1. Gerrie
    May 14, 2017 @ 20:34:34

    We col’udve done with that insight early on.


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