I love having friends …

me: ding dong

R: B’s Body Bag Bureau, how may I help you?

me: I need a body bag in XXL, please

do you have pink?

R: I have three shades, which would you like? I have a lovely rose pink, pastel, and neon.

I also have styles for his and hers.

And for those of you who appreciate murder as a couple, there are connected bags for two.

me: Oooh, rose pink sounds just about perfect! I’ll have to think about the couples package, though … too soon to tell just yet

but this one will be for him; it’s to celebrate the death of his masulinity

R: I offer special discounts for buying in bulk.

Might that be of use to you?

me: It just might; I will need to check my budget. Can I get a price list?

I like being able to plan ahead

R: Certainly, m’dear. I offer 10% discounts on 100 to 1000 count sets of bags, 20% from 1001 -> 2000

and 50% off on 10,000 and up

me: Just the thought sends my ambitions soaring! I have to start small, though, so I’m probably going to go for the first tier right now

but I will definitely keep the others in mind for when I expand my business!

R: Excellent. First time buyers get a buy 10, get 1 free special. All color products permitted as well as styles.

Even the dead should look good, you know.

me: Wow; I am so glad I let my fingers do the walking to your door! ^_^ I don’t suppose you carry backhoes?

R: Yes, I have back hoes and full sized industry ploughs.

me: exxxxxxxcellent …..


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  1. Rose's Ink Well
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 21:45:09

    I was actually wanting to ask her to look at something writerly for me, but when this started, I just couldn’t help but go with it …


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