disaster relief

Hopefully you’ve seen the news footage about all the incredible events that have been happening. Shoot; I love under a rock, and I still manage to hear about them. Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and all the fallout from them have rocked the planet. I’m sure there’s even more I don’t know about, more people dead, dying, homeless, sick, and without hope.

With so many disasters, the pleas for aid get old rather quickly. We learn to turn a jaded eye on the reports and close our ears to the cries. On the one hand, it does make sense; there’s only so much sorrow a person can handle, after all. On the other hand, the last thing we can afford to do is stop helping other people.

To that end, I’m joining the ranks of creative people offering small thanks to those who donate. If you will send me notice of your donation to the aid organization of your choice, I will send you your choice of freebies:

* a copy of my ebook, No Turning Back
* a 500-word bonus story about anything on LFE
* a 500-word short story of your choice (no erotica)

You should also be sure to check out Gabriel Gadfly and his offer to write a poem of your choice for a donation. Gabriel lives in the area of Alabama, USA, that was cremated by tornadoes this week. He is fine, but so many in his area are not.

I spent half my childhood in the area of Alabama that lay in the storms’ path, and several of the people I knew there are homeless and in need. My cousin and his family are there and are without electricity and basic supplies. I know that the economy is sluggish. I know that money is tight. I also know that when we give, we get more than money in return.

If you would like to participate, please consider donating to the Red Cross (or any other relief organization).

Online: go to www.alredcross.org and click on the “donate now” link on the homepage; you can find links to other Red Cross efforts there, as well.

Call: 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) and you will be prompted to a menu that includes financial donations.

Text: “Red Cross” to 90999. A response will include two options for donations, either to Japan or for Disasters: domestic and spring storms.

If you run into problems making your donation, feel free to use the site contact page or send me a message at lilyfieldsentertainment atnospace gmaildotcom. You can leave a message here with the words “I donated!” and a description of which bonus you would like.

Thank you all for your support of LFE, me, and the hundreds of thousands of people in destroyed areas all over the world.


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