Bitty Ditty

I wrote this almost 2 years ago; figured it was time to share. I’d kinda thought of this as a song, but I have no aptitude for crafting music. It’s rather “emo”, FYI.

I reach to You, Lover of my soul
You reach to me and make me whole
I need Your mercy, grace, truth, and love
You gladly give me Life from above.

This road is so dark and twisting through pain
I’m wondering if ever I’ll see light again
I don’t understand why things are this way
How could anyone get through this day?

The cold breath of hate and poisonous fire
Make each passing step perilous and dire
How do I trust when hardship undue
Fills up the space between me and You?

And yet when I think of Your gentle touch
I feel how You ease my suff’ring so much
This journey’s portion is misery to bear
Yet I lift my hand and know that You’re there.

This tender peace, so fragile a thing
Do not underestimate the strength that it brings
Seek not to avoid this testing place
I set my mind to the task and my heart on His Face.

The darkness will come, but it will fail
In love’s great light its terror will pale
The road might be treacherous and so very long
So I’ll take the hand of He Who is strong.


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